Power Raking

Idaho Falls Power RakingDuring the spring, when the snow melts away, a thick layer of debris, grass, roots, and dirt is left on your lawn due to the accumulation of ice and snow. This can make spring time recovery more difficult and slower to manifest.

Our Idaho Falls power raking is one of the best ways of breaking up the thick layer of thatch that has accumulated on your lawn during the long, cold winter months.

If thatch is not taken care of, a whole list of problems can develop:

  • Your lawn will be less able to thrive in hot weather.
  • Your grass, flowers, trees, and other plant life will have a more difficult time resisting disease.
  • Thatch is the perfect home for spiders, insects, mice, and other pests to thrive. These pests can eventually make their way into your home as well.
  • Thatch insulates humidity, which can result in bacterial and fungal diseases

Idaho Falls Power Raking

Idaho Falls power raking will ensure that none of these problems arise. Your lawn will recovery more quickly in the spring, and look its best all summer long!

Idaho Falls Power Raking

January 16, 2019
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