Landscape Design and Lawn Maintenance

In Idaho Falls, landscape design and lawn maintenance are in high demand during certain months of the spring and all throughout the summer. After all, given how long the winters last here, we tend to have a relatively small window of opportunity to make the necessary changes to our landscapes, and to make our yard as healthy and beautiful as possible.

Idaho Falls Lawn Care

There are plenty of reasons why hiring a professional lawn care company is a great idea, whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or both. One thing to consider is our inconsistent local weather, which can change dramatically throughout the week. Before starting a project, you need to know it won’t be delayed due to problems. Another factor is the experience and professionalism that comes with a professional company. Most people are laymen when it comes to lawns, gardens, trees, and what brings the best out of them.

If you own a home, you want it to be a place that feels like, well, home. You want your own personal oasis away from the world. New Leaf Landscape Design and Maintenance knows how to accomplish this goal.

If you own a business, it should come as no surprise that a healthy and aesthetically appealing yard projects an image of success. It draws people in, sometimes only subconsciously, and creates a great first impression before they even walk through the door. We know you’re busy keeping your business running smoothly, and probably don’t have time for too much extra work in the yard. You can leave all of that to us.

We provide:

Idaho Falls Lawn Care
  • Aeration – In Idaho Falls, lawn care usually involves aeration. This is often required in the spring, after those long, cold winter months have left a heavy amount of snow and ice on your lawn. Not only does this compact the soil, it also compresses a layer of dead plant matter and debris left over from the fall, called “thatch”. These factors make it difficult for your lawn to come alive and “breathe” again in the spring. With our aeration services, we can puncture little holes in your lawn, relieving the compaction and allowing your yard to suck up the air, water, and nutrients it needs.
  • Fertilization – If your lawn is patchy, brown, or otherwise looks like it’s dying, it may just need an extra boost. We can provide that through fertilization. We’ll make sure to choose the right fertilizer for your lawn.
  • Mulching – We can help control weed growth, boost your garden’s growth, and protect your soil with mulch, a material made from organic and inorganic materials that is healthy for your lawn.
  • Power Raking – This is a great way of breaking up that spring thatch left over from the winter. We will power rake it up so that your yard can breathe.
  • Pruning and trimming – Over time, trees and bushes may need some extra attention and maintenance. Growths can occur that can be detrimental to their health or unpleasant to look at. Sometimes they can simply become overgrown. Furthermore, branches can die and this presents a risk of injury if they were to fall on someone. Our Idaho Falls lawn care services includes pruning and trimming to help in all of these areas.
  • Seasonal Clean Ups – As stated above, spring cleanups such as aeration and dethatching are often required in Idaho Falls, lawn care being incomplete without them early on. However, fall also presents the need for cleanups. We can rake up your leaves, winterize your sprinkler systems (so the water in them doesn’t freeze and lead to damage), and generally make spring cleaning easier.
  • Sprinkler Services – Problems with your sprinkler systems can be difficult to diagnose and fix, mainly because problems can be underground. That, or there could be a problem with the control panel, with which many people simply don’t know where to start. New Leaf Landscape Design and Maintenance can take care of anything sprinkler-related.

Idaho Falls Landscape Design and Maintenance

Idaho Falls Landscape Design

Landscaping is some of the most difficult work someone can do. When you hire New Leaf Landscape Design and Maintenance, you can leave that hard work to us. It’s our job to know what it takes to create the perfect landscape design that matches your specifications, or to maintain existing landscape structures to ensure their longevity.

We offer:

Custom Landscape Design

This kind of work is just as much an art as it is a science. It’s all about riding that line between form and function. We will create the perfect landscape design for you, setting up a plan with you and communicating with you throughout the entire process.

We focus on:

  • Softscape – This is generally anything to do with organic materials such as plants, grass, trees, and soil.
  • Hardscape – This comes down to hard structures like rocks and stones, bricks, and cement.

Enhancement Projects

Idaho Falls Landscape Design

Over time, everything breaks down. It’s just a simple fact of life. However, with our Idaho Falls landscape design services, we can maintain your existing landscape structures and keep them functional for years to come. Landscape structures of all kinds can begin to wear down and disintegrate due to weather-related conditions, heavy traffic, or accidents.

Whether it’s softscape terrain that needs some extra body to it, or a hardscape structure that’s simply falling apart, you can rely on us to bring them back to their ideal state.

Landscape Remodels

Sometimes, it’s just time for change. Whether it’s your residential home or commercial business property, our technicians can tear down what you no longer desire and build up something new in its place. That, or we can create designs that go off your existing structures that you just aren’t satisfied with for some reason.

Other Services We Provide

Idaho Falls Landscape Design

New Leaf Landscape Design and Maintenance is in no way limited to just Idaho Falls landscape design and lawn maintenance services. We also provide a variety of other important services that many people require. These include:

  • Outdoor Lighting – This includes both night lighting and holiday lighting. It’s never a bad idea to have a yard that’s lit up at night. Not only does it make for great aesthetics, it also protects your yard from trespassers. After all, people are far less likely to trespass on your yard when it’s lit up on display. In the winter, our holiday lighting services mean you don’t have to risk climbing up on your icy roof yourself. We have the equipment, machines, and technicians to do that job for you!
  • Snow and Ice RemovalIn Idaho Falls, snow and ice removal is often required. It’s also a dangerous task, and without the right equipment or experience, you could risk various injuries.
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