Idaho Falls Lawn Care For Autumn & Winter

Idaho Falls Lawn Care

It’s that time of year again: the leaves are changing colors, the temperature is dropping, and there’s that faint amber hue in the air. You know what that means – autumn is here and it’s time to get your lawn ready for winter, which is right around the corner. This means that once spring hits, you’ll save on time and energy trying to bring your lawn back to life.

We offer a wide variety of fall lawn care in Idaho Falls so that you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. Here’s a comprehensive list of what we can do for you.

In The Fall

Cleaning Debris From Your Lawn

Idaho Falls Lawn Care
Idaho Falls Lawn Care

Weeds, fallen leaves, garbage, and other debris have likely gathered on your lawn throughout the summer. These should be cleared out so that creepy-crawlies don’t settle into them to keep warm throughout the winter. Flower beds are a common place for them to settle. Also, foliage can create diseases in your yard over the winter, especially in rose beds.

Pruning & Trimming

Idaho Falls Lawn Care

Not only can we help keep you and your family safe by trimming off problem branches that can break and fall due to heavy snow accumulating on them throughout the winter, but we can also help keep your plants and trees healthier by trimming off the fat, so to speak. Beyond that, having a well pruned and trimmed yard leads to better aesthetics in the winter, and also makes hanging Christmas lights a lot easier.

Cleaning the Gutters

Idaho Falls Lawn Care
Idaho Falls Lawn Care

This is an important part of our fall lawn care in Idaho Falls, as fallen leaves often clog up gutters. This can lead to major problems in the winter. A lot of snow and ice is going to accumulate on your home, and will later melt. The water has to go somewhere, and without clear gutters, it’s just going to end up flowing into places like your shingles, siding, and possibly into your home. That’s a real pain, not only for your comfort level, but your wallet as well. Avoid damage to your home and property by having your gutters thoroughly cleaned before winter hits.

Drying Out Sprinklers, Hoses, & Drip Irrigation Systems

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We provide services for sprinklers and related items. It’s important to drain all water from these areas. It’s also a good idea to store them in dry areas throughout the winter. Too much cold, especially from ice, can lead to major damage over time. With our Idaho Falls fall lawn care, you can save yourself a lot of grief in the spring when you start to need this equipment.


Idaho Falls Lawn Care

Aeration is important for two reasons:

Idaho Falls Lawn Care
  1. Breaking up your soil will help prevent water from pooling in certain areas and help nutrients get to your roots throughout the winter. 
  2. It can make spring aeration much easier or even unnecessary. Over the winter, all of the weight and pressure of snow and ice can impact your soil, making spring recovery for your yard much more difficult. Although aeration may be necessary in the spring, it may also not be with our aeration services.


Idaho Falls Lawn Care

Before your lawn descends into that long, cold winter’s sleep, give it a boost of nutrition. Our Idaho Falls lawn care includes fertilization. We can select the perfect fall fertilizer to use on your lawn that will encourage root growth so your lawn can come to life quickly in the spring.

Raking & Mulching

Idaho Falls Lawn Care
Idaho Falls Lawn Care

Even though they are full of potential nutrition, fallen leaves can suffocate your lawn. We can make sure they’re all raked up for you. After that, we can apply mulch to select areas of your lawn so it doesn’t miss out on the nutrition it would have otherwise received from the fallen leaves.

Giving Your Lawn a Final Mow

Idaho Falls Lawn Care

Our Idaho Falls lawn care obviously includes lawn mowing, and we know how to give your lawn a good close cut before winter rolls around. This will allow the soil to dry quicker once the snow melts in the spring, allowing your lawn to come back greener and lusher.

In the Winter

Idaho Falls Lawn Care
Idaho Falls Lawn Care

During winters in Idaho Falls, snow removal is often in high demand. We get a lot of ice and snow around here, and that can make things both unpleasant and dangerous if not properly managed. 

For many elderly people, the risk of straining muscles or slipping and hurting themselves is just too high (especially if the snow has to be removed from rooftops, an endeavor that even many young people probably shouldn’t be engaging in). There are also many home and business owners who simply don’t have the time to remove all that snow and ice themselves. That’s where we come in. We offer Idaho Falls snow removal services that will clear out all the snow and ice from your home or commercial property, allowing safe family or customer access.

We’ll take on the strain and risk ourselves so you don’t have to.

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