Installing a Sprinkler System


When you think of Spring and Summer, there is usually excitement. The weather will be nice, the smells of the trees, flowers, and cut grass are always welcomed after the long winter months. However, with all of the pleasant things that accompany summer there are also back breaking and time consuming chores that are involved. Lawns have to be maintained and weeds managed.

Installing a Sprinkler System in Idaho Falls

One way to relieve a lot of the stress and physical labor of the summer months is to have a sprinkler system installed. Sprinkler installation in Idaho Falls carried out by New Leaf Landscape Design and Maintenance can be a simple process that will save you time and money. It will allow you to have evenly watered trees, lawns, and shrubs. Sprinkler installation is a way to make your life simpler. Sprinkler systems have been used for many years and have been time tested. There are numerous options for different sprinkler heads that will fit your needs.  

If you have ever had to water your yard by using an old sprinkler and a hose, you know how time consuming and annoying that project can be. You are always having to check the time, move the hose, and repeat, until your yard is watered. Rarely is the yard watered evenly with this method, which leads to various spots that are dry and others that might be over-watered.

When you go for professional sprinkler installation in Idaho Falls, it will cure most of these issues. Sprinkler installation in Idaho Falls will allow you to set a timer where you do not have to worry about moving the sprinkler. It also allows you to water your lawn at the most ideal times of the day when your water can be evenly distributed and does not evaporate.

Installing a Sprinkler System in Idaho Falls

The diy Network has discussed a typical process for what a sprinkler installation in Idaho Falls would look like. This will be similar to how New Leaf Landscape Design and Maintenance will install your sprinklers in Idaho Falls. There are steps that must be taken to install a proper sprinkler system. The steps are as follows:

  1. Plan the System-This is the key to your yard looking appealing. There will be cables and power lines that may run under your yard. It is important to plot everything so that the trenching machine will not disrupt any of the cables. The coverage of the sprinklers will have to be known. Also, the size of the yard needs to be obtained. This will allow sprinklers to be installed in the correct places to avoid hazards and cover the lawn evenly with water. The yard will be marked with flags at the locations the sprinklers will be placed.
  2. Access the Water Line-The main water service line will have to be tapped in order to get water to the sprinklers. Often, this process will necessitate an anti-syphon valve. This valve will prevent chemicals, such as fertilizers and pesticides, from entering the main water supply. It is essential to keep water in the house safe. This will be an important step during sprinkler installation in Idaho Falls.
  3. Dig the Trench-Usually this is accomplished by using a trenching machine. Following the plan that was established and the flags that have been placed in the lawn will avoid running into other cables. Usually these trenches are 6” to 8” in depth.
  4. Install the Valve Manifold-A deep, square hole will have to be dug to place th manifold box around the manifold valves. One end of the valve manifold will attach to the main water supply.
  5. Run the PVC Pipe-PVC pipe must be connected to the open end of the manifold valve. The pipe then will have to be laid in the trenches. If the pipe runs off of the main line, you will have to use tee connectors. Where you want each sprinkler head, there will have to be 90 degree pvc attachment. The insertion of the sprinklers should have been marked by flags in the lawn.
  6. Install the Sprinkler Heads-There are different options for sprinkler heads. The different heads can be used for different watering needs. The heads will have to be attached to the riser. However, before attaching, it is a wise idea to flush the main line. Sometimes debris, such as dirt and rocks, can get stuck in the pipe. If you wait to flush until the sprinkler heads are on, then water may not come out of the sprinkler heads. Once the heads are attached, the trenches can then be filled and sprinklers leveled.
  7. Install the Controller-This will allow the user to determine when the lawn is watered. It will control the time and length that the sprinklers are watering the lawn. This controller is often placed inside the garage. You will be able to control your sprinkler system after sprinkler installation in Idaho Falls has occurred. When you turn the sprinklers on, sometimes they will not be pointed in the proper direction or watering the proper area. Some adjustments at each sprinkler head may be necessary to ensure the entire lawn is being watered.

This process, or a similar process, will be used by New Leaf Landscape Design and Maintenance. Sprinkler systems are an excellent way to save time and money. The sprinkler system can run at night when there is not as much evaporation occurring. This will allow more water to reach your lawn and also conserve water. Also, you will not have to worry about turning the water on the lawn every day. The the control panel will turn the sprinkler system on at the same time each day.

In addition to the typical sprinkler system, there can also be drip systems installed for shrubs and trees. It is a similar process but with different head attachments instead of sprinkler heads.  

Sprinkler Installation in Idaho Falls after the Long Winter Months

Installing a Sprinkler System in Idaho Falls

There are certain times that sprinkler installation in Idaho Falls can occur. A lot of individuals building new houses will install their sprinkler systems before they plant grass. This will allow them an easy way to water the grass seeds or sod. In addition to installation, there may have to be replacement of parts or installation of new parts after the long winter months. We Will Bring Your System Back to Life, an article, discusses the problems that are faced after the long winter months. “Often times, people neglect to properly winterize their sprinkler systems before winter hits…Throughout the winter, water freezes and damage occurs to many sprinkler systems.” Sprinkler installation in Idaho Falls can include changing some of the pipes that have cracked or replacing sprinkler heads. Winter takes a toll on sprinkler systems and the years of use a system has.

Whether it is a new sprinkler system or replacements, New Leaf Landscape Design and Maintenance has the expertise to assist you. They have many years of experience allowing them to install a system quickly and efficiently. Whatever your needs may be, they can help. Life is too short to be wandering around your yard all summer moving a hose to water your lawn. Save time and money by installing a simple, easy to use sprinkler system. Sprinkler installation in Idaho Falls can occur whenever you need it. It does not matter if you have a lawn or just dirt and gravel waiting for some grass, a sprinkler system can be installed.

Once installation has occurred, it will take little time to understand and use the control panel. Overall, this control panel will be the key to you having a well watered lawn. It will allow you to pick the exact time of day that you want to water and for how long. Often, these control panels will be separated into zones to make it easier for you to water each zone for a given time.

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