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What services can a lawn care company in Idaho Falls offer you?

Lawn Care Company in Idaho Falls

A lawn care company in Idaho Falls like New Leaf Landscape Design and Maintenance can offer many lawn care services. Spring is knocking at the door after this long winter. Green grass will begin to sprout and with that comes outside work that has to get done. Looking to a lawn care service, like those offered at New Leaf, can allow you to spend your extra time doing what you want to do. Without the help of a lawn care company in Idaho Falls, you will most likely have to spend your free weekends outside doing your lawn care chores. Looking to get this additional help in a hectic world is important. However, it is important to know the various lawn care services that are offered.

A lawn care company in Idaho Falls can assist you with everything from mowing the lawn to pruning your trees. Whatever your outside lawn care chores may be there is a lawn care service for you. Looking to the specific details of some of the services that are offered by a lawn care company in Idaho Falls will help paint a clear picture of why hiring an expert for some of your lawn care needs is so important. Caring for your lawn, properly, can take a lot of time, skill, and knowledge to get your lawn looking amazing. A lot of time you will not have enough hours in a day to actually take care of your lawn.

Specific Services from an Idaho Falls Lawn Care Company

Lawn Care Company in Idaho Falls

Taking a specific example, like mowing, and diving into the details will offer some insight as to what kind of service you will receive from a lawn care company in Idaho Falls. Mowing sounds pretty straightforward, however, there are minute details that should be known to have the healthiest lawn possible. Take Care of Your Lawn has discussed some simple steps that should be performed for mowing your lawn. These steps are explained in the following list:

  1. Leave grass longer – Cutting your grass high will allow you to have healthier grass. Grass should not be cut shorter than two inches. Many people think that grass should be the same length all year.
  2. Do not remove more than a third of the blade of your grass – This can cause irreparable damage to your lawn. No matter how long the lawn gets you should only remove a third of the grass size every time you mow. So, if the grass is extremely long, cut it down a third. Then wait a few days and do the same to get it to the desired height.
  3. Mow your lawn when it is cool and dry – Do not mow in the heat of the day because this can expose your grass to unnecessary harm. Also, avoid mowing when the grass is wet. The wet grass can adhere to the inside of a mower and can clog the mower. It is also important that grass clippings are distributed evenly across the lawn. When the lawn is wet, you will not get this. Rather, you will get large clumps of wet grass across the lawn. Wet grass can also be slippery for you to walk on as well as operate a mower on.
  4. Make sure to leave grass clippings on the lawn – Grass clippings are an essential part to maintaining a healthy lawn. A lawn care company in Idaho Falls will know how much lawn clippings should be left on the lawn. These clippings will decompose on the lawn to give sustenance to the lawn.
  5. Mower blades need to be sharpened often – Clean cut grass will remain healthy while torn or ripped grass can be damaged. Sharp blades cleanly cut grass keeping the grass healthy. These blades can be easily maintained by sharpening them with a file once a year.
  6. At the end of the growing season cut your grass short – Cutting the grass shorter than two inches is important at the end of the growing season. This will ensure that you will not get as much matted grass and it will help prevent any mold that may occur with snow.

This very specific list of how to mow a lawn properly can be overwhelming for the weekend mower. There are a lot of small details that should be done to maintain a lawn. A lawn care company in Idaho Falls like New Leaf Landscape Design and Maintenance has the expertise, equipment, and services to ensure that each of the above steps is completed. Some of these services are, aeration, pruning, weeding, mulching, power raking, fertilizing, and seasonal cleanups. Essentially, they cover every single one of your lawn care needs.

Lawn Care Company in Idaho Falls

These services can turn your yard into a beautiful example of what a yard should look like. Your trees and grass can look healthier than ever before. In addition, weed removal can come in various forms. You may have a lot of mounds or pots that need weeds pulled. Also, you may have long weeds that surround your fence or mailbox. No matter the presentation of the weed, it can be handled by a lawn care company in Idaho Falls. There is no reason for you not to enjoy your summer. With a little bit of money a month you will be able to enjoy your summer and family, instead of laboring with back breaking chores in the summer heat.

How to choose a lawn care company?

Choosing a lawn care company can be a difficult task. A lot of times companies are picked based on word of mouth, especially when they offer this kind of a service. Looking for a lawn care company in Idaho Falls should be a priority if your are wanting to spend more of your time during the summer having fun. When looking for a lawn care company in Idaho Falls, you should look at what they are offering. If you know your needs, then it will be easy for you to choose a company based upon their offerings.

New Leaf Landscape Design and Maintenance handles numerous outside chores and have been known for their excellent service and work they perform. New Leaf has the experience to help you get the best looking lawn possible. While you are enjoying your extra time and your golf course like yard, your neighbors will be wishing that they made the same decision to hire the experts at New Leaf.

When you begin a landscaping project, it takes a lot of time and money. More money may be spent by doing it on your own because you do not have the expertise. This may cause you to buy more things than you should buy. You can lose money because you do not have the expertise. You can also lose money by having a project consume too much of your time. This could be time spent at your job that makes you money. At times, we think we save money by doing things on our own, but in all reality we can actually lose money between the time and money spent on the project. Get the help that you need by contacting New Leaf Landscape Design and Maintenance.

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