How To Prepare Your Yard for Winter

How to “Winterize” Your Sprinkler System

Idaho Falls Sprinkler Winterization

Many people need their sprinkler systems repaired during the summer because they don’t properly winterize them during the fall. The reason things break is because the water freezes, expands, and busts the internal system apart. 

Sprinkler winterization in Idaho Falls keeps this from happening. For manual drain valves, do the following:

  • Locate the manual drain values (these are found downstream of each zone valve). This is where all of the water collects when your system is off, as they’re at the lowest part of your sprinkler system.
  • Close these main valves off and shut off the water supply. These valves are often located near the water meter.
  • Now, open the manual drain valves and let them drain for a few days.
  • Lift the sprinkler heads – this will drain any water left over in them.
  • Finally, close all drain valves.

For automatic drain valves, do this:

  • Turn off the water supply by closing the sprinkler system’s main valve. The water will now automatically drain due to pressure falling inside the system.
  • Open the drain cap to remove any water left over in the piping section (the drain cap is found between the backflow device and the main valve).
  • Again, lift all of the sprinkler heads to drain leftover water.

Idaho Falls sprinkler winterization in incredibly important given our long cold winters. If you’re too busy or simply want someone else to do this for you, give us a call.

Get Those Holiday Lights Set Up

Idaho Falls Holiday Lighting Services

Just remember to be cautious. Putting up holiday lighting in Idaho Falls can be incredibly dangerous, especially if there’s already snow and ice on the ground.

When in doubt, contact New Leaf – our Idaho Falls holiday lighting services will take care of this hard (and dangerous) job or you.

Clean Out Those Gutters

All of those fallen leaves are going to clog up your gutters, which can cause major problems during the winter. 

As snow and ice builds up on your roof, it later melts under the winter sun. However, if your gutters are clogged, where is that water going to go? The side of your house, obviously. This can create some pretty big and potentially dangerous icicles, but that’s not even the biggest problem.

The melted snow often ends up flowing into places like your shingles, siding, and even into your own home. Now you’re facing water damage, not to mention the health risks of mold buildup and the simple fact that freezing cold water is pouring into your home while it’s less than 15 degrees outside!

Rake Up the Leaves (and Other Debris)

Raking Leaves In Autumn - lawn maintenance idaho falls

If you leave all those leaves on your lawn to later be covered up by the winter snow, they’re going to weigh down on your lawn and eventually disintegrate into a thick layer of debris called “thatch”. 

Thatch doesn’t just consist of leaves either – it’s made up of all sorts of matter, both organic and inorganic. Garbage, dead twigs and grass, and of course, dead fall leaves are going to all show as a layer of thatch that will choke the life out of your lawn come spring. Trust us, that stuff’s hard to rake up.

Prune & Trim

The reason for this isn’t just for aesthetics – dead tree branches in the fall run the risk of falling down during the winter due to the heavy snow. This can be dangerous. 

Keep yourself and your family safe by trimming off any dead or dying branches before winter hits. Also, it’s never a bad idea to get those awkward or dying areas on your bushes – it’s not like they’ll survive the winter anyway.

Give Us a Call

If all of this seems like a lot of work, well, that’s because it is! Not to worry – we specialize in this kind of thing. If you’re just too busy to get all of this done yourself, we’ll help pick up the slack. Contact us here to schedule an appointment.

Fall Tree - Idaho Falls Sprinkler Winterization