Prepare Yourself – Winter Is Coming

The days are getting shorter, the leaves are falling, you have to wear a sweater in the morning but by noon you have to take it off… That’s right – it’s fall and that means winter is coming. 

This fall, there are a lot of projects you need to stay on top of – pruning, mowing, raking up leaves – but there are two major projects that you’d be wise to let New Leaf take care of for you.

Sprinkler Winterization

Idaho Falls Sprinkler Winterization

In Idaho Falls, sprinkler winterization is very important, which is why it’s our top sprinkler service in the fall. Too many people find that when the winter is over and it’s finally time to get their sprinklers going again, something’s gone horribly wrong. 

Throughout the long, harsh winter, all of the water that sits dormant in your sprinkler system can freeze over and expand, eventually causing the pipes to burst.

Here are some tell-tale signs that this has happened to your sprinkler system over the winter:

  • The water is unevenly distributed on the lawn – it will pool up in some areas and leave others completely dry, drowning some areas and starving others.
  • Loss of water pressure – you may notice water barely making its way out of some or all of your sprinklers.
  • Sprinkler heads that “sputter” – this is usually the result of cracks formed during the winter that are undermining the performance of your sprinkler valves.
  • Your water bill seems unusually high – this is likely the result of excess water leaking from your pipes.

What a pain! But hey, we understand – not many people winterize sprinkler systems in Idaho Falls, or even know how to. That’s our job! Give us a call and we’ll take care of it.

Holiday Lighting

Idaho Falls Holiday Lighting

Maybe you like doing this, maybe you can take it or leave it, maybe you hate it and see it as an annoying chore – either way, there are a lot of good reasons to let New Leaf do this for you.

  • Reason 1: It’s a lot of work, and you probably have a lot on your plate as it is. Holiday lighting in Idaho Falls takes time if you want it done right. Not only is the job burdensome, but there’s also electrical work that needs to be done, which can be tricky and frustrating.
  • Reason 2: If you’re getting to it late in the season, it’s going to be cold. Not only that, but there could already be snow and even ice on your roof. This ramps the danger level up quite a bit, including the danger of working with electrical systems. 
  • Reason 3: We’re professionals. We’ve been doing this for a long time. We’ll take on the risk and the difficulty of the job, but what’s more, we will make sure it’s done in a way that looks beautiful and remains stable. 

Idaho Falls holiday lighting systems can look amazing, especially if they’re installed by a professional company like New Leaf. Just give us a call and show us how you want things set up, and we’ll get it done. 

Holiday Light Display - idaho falls lawn care