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Landscaping is easily one of the most difficult tasks when it comes to installing and maintaining your property. Knowing how to create structures that are both functionally sound and aesthetically pleasing is just as much an art as it is a science. New Leaf specializes in efficient Idaho Falls landscape maintenance. We are always available to assess the condition of your property and perform the necessary tasks involved in keeping your yard up-to-date. Much of your property value relies on your yard’s quality of landscaping, and making sure it is maintained, and if necessary improved upon, is a great way of increasing your property value. Our workers are adept at making your yard look and function perfectly according to its unique location, and we also know how to make improvements on already existing property if necessary. Our services include:

Your yard is constantly growing, and over time your property’s design will begin to break down. All of this is inevitable, and it is why we have dedicated ourselves to excellent Idaho Falls landscape maintenance. We are available to mow, edge, and trim your lawn, and we are dedicated to leaving the perfect cut, every time. When it comes to your lawn, we pay attention to detail. We also use safe and effective ways of mulching and fertilizing, as well as take all of the necessary steps to improve upon the quality of your garden by removing weeds and preventing their future growth. Trimming and pruning are also important factors in maintaining the health and appearance of your yard’s plant life. We are also available for tree planting, moving, or removal. And finally, our staff is prepared to repair and maintain your hardscape designs, as these tend to break down as your grass and trees grow and move in on them.

We’ll Keep Your Property Functional and Decorative

We will work with you from start to finish. Before beginning our work, we will look over your property with you in order to establish exactly what needs to be done, and in turn communicate with each other to perform our work efficiently and quickly, making sure you receive the best Idaho Falls landscape maintenance we can provide. We will also help you become aware of issues you might not have known about beforehand, and we can show you ways to take care of them before they become problems in the first place. New Leaf strives for quality Idaho Falls landscape maintenance. Keeping up with all of your yard’s projects can be difficult, and it is a continuous process for any property owner. Fortunately, you don’t have to do all of the work yourself. Our team of dedicated and professional landscapers are ready to work with you. If you are noticing problems with your lawn, out-of-control weeds, messy and unkempt plants and trees, and would like the kind of service that only the professionals can provide, be sure to contact us at (208) 529-3333.

We Know How to Improve and Enhance Your Real Estate

New Leaf understands the value of property enhancement. We are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your home and business, and we know how to properly evaluate your yard in order to find deficiencies and places for potential improvement. We offer installation and maintenance services to improve the quality of your soil, landscape design, and the appearance of your garden. We can improve many different areas of your yard with our Idaho Falls enhancement projects, including:

  • Softscape
  • Hardscape
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to your yard’s softscape, there is always room for improvement. Our Idaho Falls enhancement projects can help to stave off weed growth through the use of safe and effective herbicidal chemicals, and we can enhance the health of your plant life through mulching. We are also prepared to improve upon your flowerbeds and plant new trees, bushes, and other foliage in designated areas, or safely move plants from one area to another. Improving your yard is a great way of increasing your property value, as well as enhancing the overall beauty of your yard. If it’s time to improve on your yard’s hardscape designs, then leave the hard work and heavy lifting to us. Over time, the designs and structures which provide the backbone of your yard will eventually begin to break down. This happens due to temperature changes, harsh weather conditions, plant growth, and the inevitable shifting of soil. Our Idaho Falls enhancement projects will remedy any of these problems, from repairing your stone and rock designs to making improvements on and repairing stairs and paved surface areas. Your yard is always in the process of growing and changing, and when new plant life is added over time, old sprinkler systems may become outdated. Our Idaho Falls enhancement projects include evaluating your sprinkler system and seeing where improvements need to be made. 

Whether it’s repairing sprinkler systems which have become damaged over time, or installing better sprinkler systems to accommodate your yard’s emerging needs, we are here to analyze the issue and take the necessary steps for improvement. Outdoor lighting systems are often in need of repair as they are subject to changing weather conditions. Our services include analyzing and repairing your outdoor lighting systems, giving your home more aesthetic appeal, as well as consistent security. We also offer general lighting enhancements, helping to update your system with mechanism such as automatic lighting and motion sensor lighting. Our Idaho Falls enhancement projects are guaranteed to improve the structure of your real estate, which will lead to greater property value and make your home or business feel more comfortable. If you are noticing damage occurring to the essential hardscape structures of your yard, think that your softscape design could use improvement, or need to repair and update your sprinkler or lighting systems, New Leaf is ready to help you make these essential repairs and improvements.

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