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Bring Your Lawn Back To Its Full Potential With Our Power Rake Service

Without proper maintenance, lawns will eventually begin to build up a layer of thatch. This is a tight mat of dead grass and other debris (generally dead rhizomes, stems, and roots) that have built up on your lawn’s surface. When thatch builds up, it chokes the life out of your lawn. It deprives it of the essential sunlight, water, and nutrients it requires to survive. The solution to thatch build up is power raking, which breaks up this layer of thatch and allows your lawn to breathe again.

People often require Idaho Falls power raking in the spring, as thatch is often a problem after a long, harsh winter.  An issue which our local residents are all too used to dealing with. Dethatching in the spring will help it grow more fully throughout the spring and summer.

You will know it is time for an Idaho Falls power raking if your grass is brown, dry, thin, and patchy. Factors that often lead to thatch build up include:

  • Heavy traffic
  • Poor lawn maintenance
  • Excessive use of fungicides
  • Cars and other heavy objects sitting on your lawn

Dethatching your lawn through a power rake service is a great way of bringing your lawn back to its original health and beauty. In fact, you would be surprised at just how much thatch can be removed from a good Idaho Falls power raking. If you have noticed thatch on your lawn, chances are there’s even more than meets the eye.

When lawns have excess thatch, they will have a difficult time surviving hot weather. Thatch also provides a home for insects, spiders, and other pests that can be harmful to your grass. This could lead to them  eventually making their way inside your home. And because thatch creates overly high humidity in your lawn’s roots, this can lead to the promotion of bacterial and fungal diseases.

Finally, excess thatch creates an unsightly distribution of dead spots on your lawn that result in an uneven and bumpy surface. This makes your lawn difficult to mow, and thus these problems often continue to go on unresolved.

The Idaho Falls power raking services you need

Our Idaho Falls power raking will take care of all of these problems, helping your lawn achieve greater consistency and aesthetic appeal. Our technicians know how to prepare your lawn before we begin the power raking process.  The equipment and power rakers we use are strong enough to suck up all of the excess thatch. We will dethatch all areas of your lawn, bagging and removing all of the grass and debris as we go.

By clearing your lawn of excess thatch build up, your lawn will become healthy and beautiful again, helping to stave off bacteria, fungus, and harmful pests.

New Leaf Landscape Design & Maintenance takes pride in our work, and we are happy to do what we can to make our local resident’s lawns look their best. You may also want to consider Idaho Falls aeration, which is often a good idea just after you have dethatched your lawn.

If you require quality Idaho Falls power raking, call us today!

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