Seasonal Clean Ups

New Leaf Maintenance Provides Spring and Fall Yard Cleanup

New Leaf Maintenance is dedicated to thorough lawn care services, and that includes taking care of everything that comes with seasonal clean up. There are two types of seasonal cleaning that are most important, and those are spring and fall cleaning. Spring cleaning clears out stagnant debris leftover from the winter, and gives your yard a chance to get some much-needed oxygen and nutrients. In addition, fall yard cleanup is all about getting your yard prepared for the winter, as well as making spring cleaning easier. This is done by getting rid of debris and other organic plant life that would create a frozen layer over your yard during the winter.

Seasonal Cleanup

Spring and fall cleaning can be tedious and time-consuming, and most home and business owners simply don’t have the time for it. Therefore, this is why we provide Idaho Falls seasonal clean ups, so that you don’t have to do it yourself.

Our Cleanup Services Include:

Many home and business owners believe that biodegradable material doesn’t need to be cleared away and will simply go away on its own. While this is true over time, it is still something that can cause problems if not taken care of quickly. For example, if debris is left in place, it can have a suffocating effect on your lawn.  This creates the ideal environment for insects and other pests to thrive. All of these can cause permanent damage to your lawn. New Leaf is ready to take care of everything that comes with preventing this kind of damage. We’ll clean up all lingering organic matter and get it off your lawn, or pile it into a designated composting site.

Applying a layer of mulch for your plants and flowerbeds is important after those harsh winter months. This will help them recover their health and return them to the lush state that enhances your yard’s appearance. Our Idaho Falls seasonal clean ups are an excellent way of giving your yard the boost it needs after a long and stagnant winter.

Wind and ice cause damage to your shrubs and branches, As a result,  our Idaho Falls seasonal clean ups include pruning and trimming services. This helps to help recover your foliage to a more healthy and beautiful state. We will remove damaged branches and other problematic areas, so that your plant life can grow consistently throughout seasons.

Thatch control is another essentially seasonal service we provide. As a result, that layer of dead matter that forms on your lawn typically flattens your grass. This makes it difficult for it to get the sunlight and nutrients it needs. Our thatch control services will loosen this suffocating condition, returning your lawn to a healthy state.

In conclusion, New Leaf’s Idaho Falls seasonal clean ups are guaranteed to get your lawn back in great condition, whether it’s in preparation for the winter or recovery afterwards. If you require custom seasonal cleaning services, New Leaf Maintenance is prepared to do the task.

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