Spring Is Almost Here!

Ready for springtime to finally arrive? So are we!

Here are some of the Idaho Falls spring lawn care services we have to offer.


Spring Lawn Services in Idaho Falls

Our Idaho Falls aeration services will ensure your lawn has a smooth and healthy recovery from the harsh, cold winter.

During the spring, when the snow melts away, lawns are left with a thick layer of grass, roots, dirt, and debris known as “thatch”. Not only that, but the soil also becomes compact due to heavy snow and ice build up. These two factors make it difficult for your lawn to make a full recovery after the winter.

We will go through and perforate your lawn, puncturing many holes with spikes in order to relieve compaction, as well as allow for air, water, and nutrients to move through your lawn more easily. This will help your grass, flowers, trees, and other plant life to attain the nourishment required to make a fully recovery from the winter.

Idaho Falls aeration is a process that yields long-term benefits, such as:

  • Ensuring a healthy lawn
  • Making your lawn more resistant to disease
  • Enhancing your lawn’s appearance
  • Saving you time, energy, and money in the long-term

If you require Idaho Falls aeration services, contact New Leaf Landscape Design and Maintenance today!

Power Raking

Spring Lawn Services in Idaho Falls

During the spring, when the snow melts away, a thick layer of debris, grass, roots, and dirt is left on your lawn due to the accumulation of ice and snow. This can make spring time recovery more difficult and slower to manifest.

Our Idaho Falls power raking is one of the best ways of breaking up the thick layer of thatch that has accumulated on your lawn during the long, cold winter months.

If thatch is not taken care of, a whole list of problems can develop:

  • Your lawn will be less able to thrive in hot weather.
  • Your grass, flowers, trees, and other plant life will have a more difficult time resisting disease.
  • Thatch is the perfect home for spiders, insects, mice, and other pests to thrive. These pests can eventually make their way into your home as well.
  • Thatch insulates humidity, which can result in bacterial and fungal diseases

Idaho Falls power raking will ensure that none of these problems arise. Your lawn will recovery more quickly in the spring, and look its best all summer long!

Sprinkler Systems

Spring Lawn Services in Idaho Falls

We provide high quality and professional Idaho Falls sprinkler repair services. These services are especially important during the spring, after the long winters have taken their toll on your sprinkler systems.

It can be incredibly difficult to properly diagnose sprinkler system damage, as your sprinkler systems consist of a series of underground pipes. Fortunately, we know how to do so, and can repair any damage that may have occurred.

We’ve seen everything from broken sprinkler heads to exploded pipes. There’s nothing too difficult for us to repair, and we will make sure your sprinkler system is up and running at full capacity again. If you need Idaho Falls sprinkler repair, contact New Leaf Landscape Design and Maintenance today!

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