Spring Lawn Care In Idaho Falls

It may still be frigid cold outside on most days, but already we’re beginning to see faint glimmers of the approaching spring. There are few things our local residents look forward to more than those beautiful spring mornings – our reward for having braved another long, harsh winter.

In Idaho Falls, spring lawn care is often looked at not as a chore but a fun and rewarding experience. That said, too many households and many businesses simply don’t have the time to invest in the task.

If you need some extra help waking your lawn back up this spring, contact New Leaf.

The Basics

Dethatching Your Lawn

Spring Lawn Care In Idaho Falls

The first thing to do once the snow has melted is to take a look at your lawn and assess the damage. That is to say, look at how much garbage, dead plant matter, and debris has been matted down on your lawn under a heavy blanket of snow and ice all winter. You’ll likely notice it has accumulated more in some areas than in others. Unless this is cleared up, your lawn isn’t going to come back to life very consistently. 

We can start by raking up your lawn so it can breathe again. We’ll bag up all of the unwanted piles of garbage and dead plant matter and haul it off for you.


When it comes to spring lawn care services, Idaho Falls residents usually need to have their lawns aerated. This involves poking various holes in your lawn to relieve the compacted soil. This allows oxygen and nutrients to flow through your lawn easier.

We pull up pockets of soil all throughout your lawn, which come up looking like little wine corks. We leave them on your lawn because they’ll disintegrate in time, which helps keep your lawn fertilized.

Pruning & Trimming

With our Idaho Falls pruning and trimming services we can remove any dead or damaged tree branches, which is something you’re likely to see after a long winter. We can also trim your plants and bushes so they have a fresh start for the new spring weather.

Major Projects

Maybe you’ve had a special project in mind for your lawn all winter and want to see it come to fruition. What better time to start than in the spring? 

Spring Lawn Care In Idaho Falls

We offer:

  • Custom Landscape Design – We can help you achieve the design you want for your home or business. Whether it’s softscape (trees, plants, and soil) or hardscape (paved surfaces, retaining walls, stone and rock design), we’ll handle the heavy-lifting.
  • Enhancement Projects – Maybe you’ve decided on a way to enhance your lawn. We can add to its structure with updated rock designs, improved softscape structures, and more.
  • Landscape Remodels – Time to tear things down and build them back up? We can dismantle hardscape structures and replace them, rebuild softscape structures, and dig up and replant trees and bushes. 

Get a head start on your lawn care this year – contact New Leaf for spring lawn care in Idaho Falls.

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