Springtime Landscaping Services

What are some of the spring landscaping services provided?

When the snow begins to melt and plants begin to awaken, you know that work is soon to follow. There are certain things that must be taken care of on your lawn in the spring so that it will look great and be healthy all year long. Looking for a spring landscaping service can allow you to get the lawncare and landscaping that you need. There are certain services that are offered during the spring for lawn care and landscaping. Some of the following are lawn care services that should be addressed early in the spring.


Aeration is an extremely important spring landscaping service you can have done on your lawn. After a long winter, your grass will be dense and matted down. This means that your lawn will not be receiving the oxygen and nutrients that it will need. Essentially, your lawn must be decompressed to be healthy and look great. An aeration machine utilizes spikes which remove cylindrical grass and dirt plugs from your lawn. This will allow relief in the dense winter soil and your lawn will more quickly return to life with the proper care. Aerating a lawn will also help prevent disease in your lawn.

Aerated Lawn Plugs - Springtime Landscaping Services


Once aeration has occurred, the next important spring landscaping service will be to fertilize your lawn and other plants. For your lawn to be healthy it will need scheduled fertilizer sessions. It is important to get fertilizer on your lawn early in the spring and then to follow up with fertilizer throughout the summer. Over time the nutrients in the soil around your property will leach out. These nutrients will need to be replaced in order for your lawn to grow properly.

Plants and shrubs may also need these nutrients. If your plants and shrubs have yellow or brown leaves, then this may be a sign that your plants do not have the correct nutrients. Regular fertilization will ensure that your lawn is receiving the proper care and nutrients.

Lawn Fertilizer - Springtime Landscaping Services

Sprinkler Dewinterization

This will be a necessary spring landscaping service for anyone with a sprinkler system. If a sprinkler system is not cared for properly before the long winter, there may have to be a lot of work to get it working correctly. Sometimes water will be left in the sprinkler system causing sprinkler heads and pipes to expand and crack. These parts will have to be replaced or you will have leaks in your sprinkler system. Even if you do not have any damage, the water will have to be turned back on. Once the water is turned on, the system will have to be checked to ensure it is working without any problems. One of the final stages of sprinkler de-winterization is adjusting the sprinklers to make sure that they cover the correct areas on your lawn.

Lawn Sprinkler System - Springtime Landscaping Services

Power Raking

A spring landscaping service will often include power raking. Power raking will get rid of the long winter grass and debris that accumulate. This is another way to promote the health of the lawn. Raking will remove thatch from your lawn, which will bring it back to its original, healthy state. Too much thatch will be very difficult on your lawn during the hotter months. It will not allow your lawn to breathe and receive nutrients. Lawns are supposed to be enjoyed, whether viewing them or playing on them, power raking will create a healthier beautiful lawn.

Power Raker - Springtime Landscaping Services

What are some ways to enhance your landscaping?

Spring is a great time to install some landscaping or redesign your landscaping. Spring landscaping services can include many features. You can have night lights installed, a retaining wall, pond, new stairs, pavers, or really anything that you can think of changing. Whether it is your first time installing landscaping or you’re redesigning, spring is a great time to do this work before the fun months of summer come.

Landscaping that Should be Addressed in the Spring

Spring landscaping services can bring new life to your house and yard. It can add value to your house both in the enjoyment you will have and monetary value. Some of the landscaping options that are offered are the following:

Once your landscaping design is in, there will still have to be maintenance and maybe even some remodeling on it. Time and weather can ruin some landscaping. With a little maintenance, you will be able to enjoy your landscaping for years. A lot of time is spent outside during the summer. If you hate your lawn and landscaping, it may not be that enjoyable for you to invite friends and family over. Landscaping can bring new life to a new or old house. There are enough landscaping options that you can find something to add value to your house while not breaking the bank to do it.

Something as simple as trimming and pruning your trees will bring added value to your property. It does not cost very much and it will look great. Pruning and trimming are also important to maintain the health of your property. Plants need to be trimmed so that new growth can come forward on these plants. As you can see, landscaping is important for the health of your lawn and for its aesthetic value. Make sure that you make time and save some money to hire a spring landscaping service.

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