Fall Tree - Idaho Falls Sprinkler Winterization

How To Prepare Your Yard for Winter

How to “Winterize” Your Sprinkler System Many people need their sprinkler systems repaired during the summer because they don’t properly winterize them during the fall. The reason things break is because the water freezes, expands, and busts the internal system apart.  Sprinkler winterization in Idaho Falls keeps this from happening. For manual drain valves, do the following: Locate the manual drain values (these are found downstream of each zone valve). This is where all of the water collects when your system is off, as they’re at the lowest part of your sprinkler system. Close these main valves off and shut

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Landscaping in Idaho Falls

In the modern age, a lot of people take pride in having a nice looking yard or property. Most land nowadays has been domesticated and civilized, so a fresh, trim, and clean look is exactly what some land or property needs. In some cases, people can take care of their own landscaping but in most cases, it’s a lot easier and stress-free to hire a landscaping company or employee to do your land or property justice. Landscaping is any sort of activity that modifies or changes the features of an area of land, which can include: living elements, such as

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