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Idaho Falls is a beautiful place to live. With all of the well-maintained parks, views of the mountains, and a breathtaking river to run through it all it’s easy to see why. With beauty everywhere you look, it’s a good feeling to have that view right outside your home. 

New Leaf – Your Idaho Falls Lawn Care Specialists

Idaho Falls Lawn Care

New Leaf Landscape Design and Maintenance provides quality professional lawn care in Idaho Falls. It is our goal to help you create and maintain a lawn that inspires you every day. We have the experience and knowledge in all facets of lawn care that gives us the ability to help you accomplish this. We understand which tools, equipment, and products to use to help your specific location, turf, and plants thrive.

Our professional lawn care services in Idaho Falls include:


Idaho Falls Lawn Care

Some people love mowing their own lawn. There is something about the smell of freshly cut grass that just brings the feel of spring and summer into full swing. But for others, mowing the lawn can be a chore that nothing more than, well, a chore. That’s what we are here for. 

If you hate mowing your lawn, you’re not alone. According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals, more than 40% of Americans use a professional lawn care company. Reasons for this vary. Some people have large yards that require lots of time, energy, and attention. Others prioritize their time with their families and friends over time spent mowing the lawn. A few of our clients are elderly homeowners who may not have the physical ability to push a mower. 

Whatever the reason, we are here to help. Our lawn care specialists understand the appropriate way to mow a lawn. While little Jimmy down the road may be sweet and cheap, he might mow unevenly or too short. He might be using an old mower that hasn’t been maintained in a while, and it could potentially be doing damage to your lawn. He might have no idea what he’s doing, and it shows. 

Our Idaho Falls lawn care specialists will cut your grass to a proper length that leads to healthier grass. They’ll also always cut it while it’s dry so that it cuts and distributes clippings evenly. We also keep our mower blades sharp. Dull blades not only perform uneven cuts, but can actually rip out your grass rather than cut it. Sharp blades leave a healthier and better-looking lawn. Using a professional lawn care company in Idaho Falls can greatly improve your lawn. Sorry, Jimmy. 

The Importance of Mulch

Idaho Falls Lawn Care

Mulch makes flower beds and tree beds look so much better. Fresh mulch can take any ordinary yard and make it look high-end instantly. But the importance of mulch is much more than just looks. Mulch, when properly applied can help control the spread of weeds, unwanted grass, and soil-born diseases. It also provides important nutrients to your plants as it decomposes, adding to the health and development of your plants. 

Our Idaho Falls lawn care technicians know the right way to apply mulch. They put down a thick enough layer to prevent the spread of weeds, but thin enough for air and water to get through to help your plants thrive. Mulch helps water conservation in your landscaping. It also helps protect your plants in the winter. Especially in our cold winters, mulch helps the ground change temperatures more gradually. This means the freezing soil won’t be as much of a shock to your plants, and allow them to stay alive throughout the winter months. Mulching is easily one of the most affordable ways to improve your yards health and curb appeal. 

Aeration – What is it?

You’ve probably heard of aerating your lawn, but a lot of people don’t know what it is or the many benefits it provides. Aeration is the process in which our technicians actually perforate your lawn’s soil. This allows air, water, and other nutrients to make it into your soil and better give your lawn the nutrition it needs. If your soil is too compact, your lawn will literally starve. 

In Idaho, we can have tough winters, heavy rain, and freezing Spring temperatures. These factors combined with our soil composition makes it easy to get compacted soil. If you notice that your lawn is quick to brown, has puddles after it rains, or is patchy and bare you might need your lawn aerated. Our technicians are experienced with this type of lawn care in Idaho Falls and can get your lawn looking better in no time. 

Lawn Fertilization

Idaho Falls Lawn Care

The best step to take right after you aerate your lawn is to fertilize it. Having a company who understands the right mixture of fertilizer for your lawn’s specific conditions is the key to having a beautiful, lush lawn. Our technicians will take into consideration the type of grass you have, the quality of your soil, and the growing conditions in your area. This allows us to use the optimum fertilizer to reach the highest level of health. 

Store-bought fertilizers have their benefits, but can become costly when you consider how much you need to buy and apply, and maybe for subpar results. That’s because they might not have the correct amounts of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium which are the important nutrients your lawn needs to thrive. By calling New Leaf to be your Idaho Falls lawn care specialist, you’ll have guaranteed and noticeable results. 

Your grass isn’t the only thing that needs nutrients. If you notice your trees are not looking great, it’s probably a good sign it needs some extra care. Trees are incredibly sensitive, so it’s important to leave it to a professional. We can give your tree the boost it might need to make it grow full and green again. 

Trimming, Pruning, and Power Raking

Did you know if you trim or prune your trees and shrubs in the wrong place, or during the wrong time of year you can actually cause them a lot of harm? Knowing the best way to shape your individual trees and bushes can be tricky and overwhelming. Not to mention the laborious clean-up afterward. Leave it to us. We can help your plants look their best and be protected so that they thrive for years to come. 

We also offer power raking services. Power raking is used to remove thatch, a thick matted layer of grass that may be killing your lawn. Old grass, roots, and other debris can build up and make it difficult for sunlight, water, and air to get to your healthy grass. Layers of thatch can stunt your lawn’s health. It occurs easily here due to harsh winter snow that our Idaho Falls lawn care customers are all too familiar with. Dethatching your lawn with power raking during the springtime will greatly improve its health and appearance. 

Seasonal Cleanups and Sprinkler Maintenance

Idaho Falls Lawn Care

New Leaf Landscape Design and Maintenance provides many different services including the raking and removal of fallen leaves. We also provide sprinkler maintenance services such as turning on or off sprinkler systems, blowing out water so that your pipes don’t freeze in the winter, and repairs to old and/or broken systems. Don’t have a sprinkler system? Let us install one for you.

Trust us. If it involves making and keeping your yard looking great, we have the experience and knowledge to make it happen for you.

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