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There are many reasons why hiring someone to do your lawn care in Idaho Falls is a great idea. Not only can it be extremely time consuming to do it all yourself, but it can be a costly project if you don’t have the expertise. Wouldn’t you want to hire someone who could give you the peace of mind and the guarantee of your own personal oasis? With the long list of services that a professional lawn care company can provide, it’s easy to see why many home and business owners have turned to New Leaf Landscape Design and Maintenance.

With a climate and weather that is as diverse as Idaho Falls, lawn care can be a tricky thing for some homeowners. Understanding the right kind of care and best maintenance practices is what New Leaf is best at. We will help you choose plants that thrive in our environment and can make your property look like something out of a magazine. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with a beautiful yard that is sure to be the envy of every neighbor.

Lawn Care Services We Provide

A property is nothing without great curb appeal. Whether it be your residence or a business property, we can help you create your landscaping dreams from start to finish. We aren’t only capable of planting and maintaining your yard. We are experienced custom landscape designers. Our New Leaf team likes to find the perfect balance between functional and attractive spaces that will endure the Idaho weather.

Idaho Falls Lawn CareSometimes you can acquire a property in Idaho Falls where lawn care has gone by the wayside. Other times the landscaping is unattractive or full of trees and shrubs that aren’t your taste. While unfortunate, this is not an uncommon problem that New Leaf Landscape Design and Maintenance has helped many home and business owners with. A beautifully developed and properly maintained landscape can increase the value of your home and the traffic for any business.

  • Sodding and Seeding

The city is growing rapidly in Idaho Falls, and lawn care and design is needed for many of the new homes and business buildings that are being built. Green and healthy grass is a very important piece of any property’s landscaping. If you have a new construction, or even a yard that is too far gone, you might need to install a new one. We have two methods of providing a beautiful lawn that is guaranteed to last. The first is laying fresh new sod that provides a lawn that you can use almost immediately. The second is using our special seeding mixtures that are created for specific applications. You may not have an instant lawn, but one that will grow thick and lush.

With all of the different types of trees and shrubs around Idaho Falls, lawn care can be difficult for home and business owners. Trees and shrubs should be trimmed at a certain time of the year and in a specific way. If you trim in the wrong place, or at a time of the year when it is too cold, you might ruin your yard’s chances of looking its best. Not only will we trim and prune, but we will clean up and carry away all of the trimmings.

  • Hardscaping

Any property owner who has tried to install boulders or build a rock wall knows how difficult it can be. We have the right equipment and enough people to get the job done quickly and with quality. Hardscape can bring character and elegance into any property. If you’ve dreamed of a retaining wall to keep snow drifts off of your driveway, let us know. If you need to repair your sidewalk, entryway or driveway, we can do that too. In Idaho Falls, these lawn care services will go above and beyond increasing your property value.

Idaho Falls Lawn CareOur area has some of the most beautiful winters around. When people think of lawn care services in Idaho Falls, lighting isn’t something that typically comes to mind. New Leaf is experienced at hanging your lights for the holidays, making your home a spectacle for people of all ages who are getting into the Christmas spirit. No matter the size of your property, we can hang lights on your trees and home, take them down after the holiday season, and store them for the years to come.

Our services don’t stop at holiday lights, however. We can install automated light systems for your property for many different uses. Whether you want to create a comfortable setting to have guests outside or light features such as stairways, we can design lighting that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention that statistics show that well lit homes are less likely to suffer from theft or invasion.  

Aerating your lawn allows more air, water, and nutrients to make their way through it. This process helps to remove clumped soil and thatched grass that starve your lawn of the air and nutrients it needs to thrive. This Idaho Falls lawn care service helps you yard grow into the best version of itself, resulting in a healthier and more vibrant yard. If you’re lawn is looking brown, hard, thin, and doesn’t drain water very well, it might be time to aerate.

The four seasons in Idaho Falls can make lawn care tedious and mundane, giving homeowners a long to-do list at the turn of each season. Leaf and debris removal, power raking, mulching, and thatch control are just a few of the lawn care services we provide Idaho Falls residents. Let us take care of the aftermath of the seasons and prepare your lawn for the next one to come.

Idaho Falls Lawn CareMany home and business owners have the perfect canvas for a beautiful lawn, but need the extra oomph. Using the right balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, we can make sure your lawn has enough of the right kind of nutrients to grow strong and endure. Over time, your lawn might leach all of the things it needs out of the soil to survive. Our team can come do an individualized analysis to determine what your lawn needs to thrive. The methods used by New Leaf are effective and efficient, guaranteed to extend the life of your grass.

New Leaf Landscape Design and Maintenance is dedicated to providing you the best lawn care services in the Idaho Falls area. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment so that we can help your landscaping dreams become a reality.

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