Why Sprinkler Systems Break During The Winter

In Idaho Falls, sprinkler repair is often sought out during the spring. Our winters are long and cold, and too many people fail to properly winterize their sprinkler systems in the fall. 

Winterizing your sprinkler system means draining all of the remaining water from the system, as well as putting your hoses in a safe, relatively warm storage space. Unlike most things, water actually expands when it freezes. If you have too much water remaining in your sprinkler system and the weather gets to freezing temperatures or below, the water can freeze, expand, and break your pipes.

Fortunately, we provide sprinkler repair in Idaho Falls.

Diagnosing The Problem

Once the weather has finally warmed up to the point that people need to use their sprinklers, they often find they barely work, if at all. Look for these tell-tale signs of sprinkler system damage:

Idaho Falls Sprinkler Repair
  • Watering Is Uneven – Water will likely begin pooling up in certain areas and not reaching others, leading to a combination of dry areas and drowned ones.
  • Pressure Loss – Water will barely make its way out of your sprinkler heads.
  • Sputtering Sprinkler Heads – This is often caused by cracks that are altering the performance of your sprinkler valves.
  • High Water Bill – If your water bill seems too high, water could be leaking from your pipes.

Here we’re going to warn you against trying to solve the problem yourself. Even handymen who good with home repair often end up making the problem worse. Sprinkler systems can be complicated and worse yet, the problem is usually underground. Figuring out exactly what’s wrong and making the repairs is something you should leave to the trained professionals.

Idaho Falls Sprinkler Repair

We will come in and diagnose the problem. If it is damage from frozen water during the winter, we can fix it. Some pipes may need to be replaced or repaired. Our technicians know how to get your system up and running again. We’ll leave you with a working sprinkler system that will give your lawn the water it needs to look its best throughout the spring and summer months.

How To Keep This From Happening Again

Before winter hits, be sure to turn off the water supply to your sprinkler system, then drain them. Here’s how.

Manual Drain Valves

  1. Find the manual drain valves that are located downstream of each zone valve. These valves are the lowest in the sprinkler system – this is where water collects when your sprinkler system is shut off.
  2. Close the main valve to the sprinkler system to turn off the water supply. You will usually find these valves near the water meter on a separate branch. 
  3. Open the manual drain valves for each zone of the sprinkler system. Leave them open for a few days to let all the water to drain from the pipes/sprinkler heads.
  4. Lift the sprinkler heads to drain any left over water in them.
  5. Close all of the drain valves.

Automatic Drain Valves

  1. Close the sprinkler system’s main valve to turn off the water supply. Pressure will begin to fall inside the system, automatically draining the water.
  2. Open the drain cap (this is located between the backflow device and the main valve) to remove water that might be trapped in this piping section.
  3. Lift the sprinkler heads to drain any water left over.

If you didn’t do this last fall and your sprinkler systems are damaged, don’t worry – contact us for the Idaho Falls sprinkler repair you need.

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